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About Us


Our thanks are to those who have share with us the social responsibility of doing some thing for the poor and helpless. We thank our partners, volunteers, and the people of our project area. The Government and Non-Government organizations who have supported us and assisted us in our endeavor to bring social change. Every project was remarkable for us in the sense that our volunteers and workers put their foot prints in every village and every house hold of our project area, discussed with the people about their discussed with the people about grievances and found out ways for solution of their problems. We have gone a long way in our venture for helping out people and learning change in the society. Still there is a long way to go. By this time our experience has thought us many things. We have learnt how to change adversity in to opportunity. With this knowledge and the goodwill and support of the people of our project area, we sure, we shall continue to get the goodwill and support of the people as before. Again we thank all those have helped us in our guest for bringing development for the society.


“INCITE” is a non-profit making, non-political and non-religious organization dedicated to social work. It is a legal body having been registered under society registration Act XXI of 1860. The organization was founded by a group of volunteers with a view to work of the development of the poor and needy. It is providing services to all irrespective of caste creed and color. Since it has taken up a lot of programs for which it has become popular in its project area. The people are the basic foundation of the organization.


Developments of the rural, development of the poor, down-trodden and vulnerable groups of the society are the basic objective of the organization. However to elaborate, the following are its specific objectives-

  1. To provide vocational training to the unemployed youth and provide them with incorrect generation opportunity.
  2. To work for the promotion of cottage industries, home business, self employment and other part-time jobs.
  3. To bring development in the socio-economic condition of the poor, down-trodden and backward class of people.
  4. To work for up grading the socio-economic status of the women and children.
  5. To work for up grading the educational, Agriculture and health status of people.
  6. To work for the improvement of environment.
  7. To create awareness on sanitation, family planning, sexually transmitted diseases
  8. To provide yoga & naturopathy health awareness to general people, for better healthy
  9. To take rescues and relief operations during the time of natural calamities like flood, cyclone, earth awakes, droughts etc


We are not believed in a big office with less work but our team believes in a small office with large work. The agency is having a separate office of its own equipped with necessary furniture’s and fixtures and a training hall & classroom in project area. It is having acquired staff who are trained and experienced. All the governing body members of the organization are dedicated and sincere. The agency is also having large number of volunteers in its project area.


Organization mainly three structures

1. Executive body (7 members)

2. Advisor board (5 members)

3. General body (unlimited members & volunteers)
Incite Development Centre (IDC) – where training camps, production, marketing, other projects implemented



Dr Nihar Ranjan Ojha, Director,

Start carrier as Asst secretary in a village club in 1992 in his college period, He has a great experience in rural development, Income generation, marketing, awareness generation, sanitation, health, NREGA, RTI, PRI & local governance training, Yoga & naturopathy etc. He is now Resource person of SIRD, Dept of PanchayatRaj, Govt of Odisha, Resource person of Centre for Rural Development and other institutions. He is a Medical practitioner of alternative medicine and research in Panchagabya & Panchatawa therapy. Writing books related to self employment & home business, books for students, poet & article writer. He is the founder of Incite

Ramani Ranjan Ojha, Executive member cum Vocational Training Coordinator

Having a great experience in vocational training & cottage industries,  Acupressure, Yoga & Naturpathy, story writer. Working in the field of rural development since 1999, He is the founder member of Incite

Santosh Ku Sahoo, President

Start his carrier in NGO sector since 1998 from his school period, a versatile stage artist, story & novel writer, good theatre director, experience in stage show & street play of various topics like sanitation, HIV/AIDS, health, dowry system, population & pollution control etc. He is the founder member of Incite

Mrs. Niharika Moharana, Executive member

Start his carrier in NGO sector since 1998, experience in SHG, self employment, sanitation, family planning etc, expert trainer in income generation for rural women, She is the founder member of Incite

Nabaghana Ojha, Advisor

Retired school teacher, founder member of incite, he has a great experience in Adult education, conducting student friendly free coaching for incite to poor, disabled etc since 2007

Dr. P. C. Parida, Treasurer

Homeopathy doctor, practitioner of Naturopathy, herbal medicine, Yoga, he is the founder member of Incite and is in NGO sector since 1992, conducting health camps for Incite

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