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Ama Adhikar

amaadhikar copyAama Adhikar   (fight for rights)

As a citizen of India this is a humble attempt towards social responsibility. I’d like to assure you that I don’t intend to hurt anybody’s feeling or judge any one. My only aim is to openly discuss and tackle this issue so that we can come up with solutions.  Our society faces many issues that we tend to ignore rather than confront. This encourages criminals. They get more audacious.

In our country there are several of schemes for poor, BPL families, laborer, farmer, orphans & helpless people. Besides these entire scheme what are the real situation. Health & educational facility are still unreached to interior. No food grains at farmer’s house. No work or less work in Laborer hand. Maximum people have no roof. Still many of old, helpless and disable waiting for pension.

Besides so many welfare schemes why situation is these type?

  1. People do not know about maximum welfare scheme or you may say they have no knowledge/ information on it. They do not know what is the scheme? Guideline, beneficiary condition? Etc.
  2. If some of them known about the scheme but many of them do not know where we get application form, where we apply, whom we apply, where is the office, who is the officer etc.
  3. If some of them well known about these but some times or more they face corruption, sometimes office staff sometime village leader make them confuse. And they harass on running this office to that office or sometimes one officer to another.
  4. Last and most important point is that if they face corruption or any illegal approach or any officer ignore to do then he do not know here to give grievance.

So we start to help people on these subjects. Our team members, volunteers aware people on RTI act, various Government schemes. We arrange street play on it, aware college students and youth about RTI act. Also we provide FREE RTI forms and help them to fill up & apply.

If you have such type of situation then write to us and our volunteer help them at their door step or read our book on local language Odia name “Ama Adhikar” or like us at on face book- http://www.facebook.com/fightforrights


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