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Bicharkranti Abhijan


Today everywhere you put a look you find violence, sadness, depression, avoid of social duties, disturbance in family, brothers,& neighbors’, only the cause, now we run behind establishment and money. We forget that we have some duties for our family, parents, environment and society where we live. So that we plan to provide little moral education and we have strong faith and we prove that only moral education must solve all these problems from society.

Bicharkranti Abhijan means change of thoughts fully or partially and run mind/ effort in a positive and constructive way that can change your live, give peace & Success. A great man said truly good and moral books/literature is your best friend. So in this project we provide some books, magazine related to life, moral education by our team.

Our steps

  1. Organize programs on school, college or educational institution with experts. Teach students on related topics with some books and magazine related to live and full of moral views.
  2. Gyana ratha – we arrange a vehicle/car make some internal change, give a look of book stall. In other word it is a running book stall or book stall on vehicle/car. In this car there are various types of books, magazines of many important authors, saints, santhas and jogi for sale.
  3. Open library- our team members go to public place with some books. And open it for public. Anyone can read it in that spot and return it.

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