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Our Rural Village


We are now working in a very rural area. Here our volunteers make case study in that area about sanitation, income, everyday life, information technology, women empowerment, primary health and education. In our case study we cover 25 Gram Panchayats about 176 villages and hamlets. In 3 blocks Jajpur, Bari & Dharmasala in District of Jajpur, State Odisha (INDIA). Here major part of the families depends on agriculture for their daily maintenance, also families belongs to potter, brazier, fisherman, milkman, confectioner, boatman, waver, oilman, carpenter, goldsmith, barber, gardener, mason, few of them depend on small business, shops, shepherd & cow-herd. Agriculture mainly depends on monsoon rain. Cultivation is major affected by high flood & drought by low rain. These villages are surrounded by river Brahmani, Kharasrota and its branches & tributary. Every year high flood wipe out roads, damage cultivation, many houses, cattle, life, wealth are float away. And peoples believe in faith. Pray, sorcerer, God for their health, situation, harvesting etc Rural connectivity mainly earth & muddy roads.

Economic standard-Here many of the families are belongs to BPL, SC/ST, minorities. Basic income comes from agriculture and physical labor in agricultural fields. NREGS like income generating Govt. projects are maximum failure in these areas. Beneficiaries have mainly lack of information about this scheme, Govt. officials, and implementing agency, elected PRI representatives takes no eager about this. Mainly all the works are performed by machines and show all that correct in records. Migration is a common factor in this belt. Measure percentage of Youth and Adult are in out side of their native places and working in life risk jobs having no insurance policies in their name for future unseen problems. Savings in postal, bank is very negligible. Govt. scheme NRLM which only for women empowerment & SHG development though IGP/self employment also   fail in these area. Peoples are unknown about RTI act.

Education & Information-in this area many drop out students, school attendance low even MDM project lunches in school. Girl’s education is also a social obstacle in SC/SC and minorities. Higher education facilities are far from their economic standard. Information technology is high cost and also no such standard institutions in this area.

Sanitation & Health-now a day here people use open fields as their latrine. Govt. also provides funds/ latrine to BPL families, but many of these latrines are unused or not properly done for use. Here a point to be noted that many of peoples are habituated to use open field as their latrine. Cattle sheds are in front of their houses, Goats, Sheep, Hens like their family members. A proper awareness programme is required for this. For drinking water families mainly depend on river, well, pond, some places a pond used for drinking water, bath, for cattle etc. Primary health centers are fare from their residence and communication is very bad due to geological barriers like river & its branches, also rough roads, now a day here they depend on bull carts for transport. Cow dung is the main fuel here

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