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Volunteer- If you wishes to donate some time for social development then you may join as a volunteer in our organization.  Time may be some hour in a day or some day in a week/month or some week/ month in a year or life time volunteer in our organization.  For life time member we arrange his/her lodging & food with minimum facility. We provide skill development facility to all volunteer with income generation training. And also engage them in social service or organization works according on their capacity, skill & effort. Also pay some this if possible.

Member- anyone join as a general member of our organization and get various facilities from it. You can utilize your talent, skill, knowledge for income generation or for establishment. We create or provide you such type of opportunity. You may get various higher education information, self employment training, part time jobs, and home business facility. Also we give information on various private job vacancies and jobs related offers, commission Agent etc.

Representative / Commission Agent- Our organization provides various part time jobs. So you can work as a representative or commission agent in your locality. You choose your jobs in your choice among various options like insurance, education, medicine representative, survey, sales and marketing of swadeshi products prepared by SHG member or locally hand made products. Also representatives promoted as team leader or zonal head with some honorarium.

Development centre – one can start a development centre of INCITE. Development centre may be a marketing unit or a production unit. Single or group may manage a development centre in their locality. Here all the profits gone to management team of that center. Another word it is an autonomous body.

For this fill up the “FREE Registration form for Member/Volunteer” on our website, you get a user name and password any time you login to your page and get update information about us and your requirement .Also our team contacts you.  Also email to us at – info@incite.org.in or ngo.incite@gmail.com  or write a letter on our address



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All Donations are exempted Under Section 80 G(5)(vi) of Income Tax Act 1961.

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