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Director Speaks

Nihar Ranjan Ojha

Nihar Ranjan Ojha

First of all congratulation to you, having an interest on “Incite”, always I dream about a healthy, beautiful & peaceful society. Where there is no unemployment, no hunger. Every youth have job, smile in every child, charm on every face, a joy with every farmer, every old have proper rest & care with minimum education, health, food, clothes, jobs & basic needs for all. Always I thought for a violence free, tobacco free, alcohol free, and pollution free society. A society where everyone feels that it’s my society and everyone has a contribution for it. In my sense changes not in one day it is a slow ongoing process.

Only we put a step forwards on progress and since a long way to go. For this we need your hearty cooperation. . Lastly my thanks to all the members, volunteers, board of directors, donors, funding agencies and also our participants for a great cooperation with us.

Again thanks a lot.

Nihar Ranjan Ojha, Director

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