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Financial & Annual Report

Annual Report 2013-14


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Our thanks are to those who have share with us the social responsibility of doing some thing for the poor and helpless. We thank our partners, volunteers, and the people of our project area. The Government and Non-Government organizations who have supported us and assisted us in our endeavor to bring social change.

The year 2013-2014 was remarkable for us in the sense that our volunteers and workers put their foot prints in every village and every house hold of our project area, discussed with the people about their discussed with the people about grievances and found out ways for solution of their problems.

During the year, the slogan was empowering the people to become the agents of their own change. They were not the passive receivers, but active givers also. Self confidence and will power are the positive instruments them which enable them go a long way in their guest for bringing change for themselves.

Another important thing during the year was micro-planning. Under process, the people were made the planners for taking necessary steps for bringing change for them.

We have gone a long way in our venture for helping out people and learning change in the society. Still there is a long way to go. By this time our experience has thought us many things. We have learnt how to change adversity in to opportunity. With this knowledge and the goodwill and support of the people of our project area, we sure, we shall continue to get the goodwill and support of the people as before.

Again we thank all those have helped us in our guest for bringing development for the society.


“INCITE” is a non-profit making, non-political and non-religious organization dedicated to social work. It is a legal body having been registered under society registration Act XXI of 1860.

The organization was founded by a group of volunteers with a view to work of the development of the poor and needy. It is providing services to all irrespective of caste creed and color. Since it has taken up a lot of programs for which it has become popular in its project area. The people are the basic foundation of the organization.


Developments of the rural, development of the poor, down-trodden and vulnerable groups of the society are the basic objective of the organization. However to elaborate, the following are its specific objectives-

  1. To provide vocational training to the unemployed youth and provide them with incorrect generation opportunity.
  2. To work for the promotion of cottage industries, home business, self employment and other part-time jobs.
  3. To bring development in the socio-economic condition of the poor, down-trodden and backward class of people.
  4. To work for up grading the socio-economic status of the women and children.
  5. To work for up grading the educational, Agriculture and health status of people.
  6. To work for the improvement of environment.


The agency is having a separate office of its own equipped with necessary furniture’s and fixtures and a training hall & classroom in project area. It is having acquired staff who are trained and experienced. All the governing body members of the organization are dedicated and sincere. The agency is also having large number of volunteers in its project area.


Programs undertaken during the year were not only judicially planned but also were judicially implemented keeping an eye to the priority areas of the organization. In all its programs people were actively involved not only in planning of the program, but also in its implementation. Importance was given is organizing the people. The following are the program implemented during the year.

Live hood & Vocational Training

To empower the women & create an opportunity of self employment, our organization is implementing many types of vocational training in rural areas.

  1. Mushroom culture & Honey bee keeping- We arrange a training program on mushroom culture & honey bee keeping at Sithaloi village, Rudrapuur GP of Dist- Jajpur. Here we trained 32 women from 5 SHGs.
  2. Agarbati & papad training- we arrange an agarbati & papad training at Pandua & jantaribal village in Dhenkanal district from Dt-01/03/2013 to 16/03/2013. Here we our experts trained 34 women in two villages.
  3. Vocational training camp – we arrange a vocational training camp at markandapur village, district Jajpur form 1st April to 13th April 2013. Here about 23 young mass get training on detergent preparation, candle preparation, phenyl preparation etc.

Bio-fertilizer Training Camp-

In 3rd June to 10th June our organization arranges Bio-fertilizer training at Kakudikuda village, District Jajpur. Here 5 unemployed youth get training on wormy compost.

NREGA Training-

Our organization arranged training on MGNREGA for Gaonsathi of Jajpur Block at Laliteswar temple, College road, and Jajpur town on 12th July 2013. Here about 89 Gaonsathi of the block attended the camp


PRI Training –

We arrange a training camp for only elected women ward members and give training on women participation on panchayatraj and role of ward member in GP level. On 12th January 2014 at Rudrapur GP, here about 21 lady PRI reprensetive attended the camp from 3 GP.


Sanitation Awareness Camp –

The organization INCITE arranged awareness camp on sanitation in Rudrapur & Jhalapada GP under Jajpur block. Here VLW of Rudrapur GP joined as chief guest and had made the mass realized about the Govt. sanitation proggramme for rural development. The BPL beneficiaries have selected and willing to build latrine at their own compound.


Street Play on HIV/AIDS-

Our organization arranged a street pay on HIV/AIDS in front of collector office, Jajpur town on World’s AIDS day 1st December 2013.

RTI Awareness Camp-

INCITE arrange 2 camps on RTI on weekly market at Brahmabarada market and Sujanpur market. Here our experts give information on RTI, How RTI helps to general people, our volunteers fill up many application.

Yoga Class-

We arranged Saturday Yoga class at Baliapal high school (B.C.Academy), Block-BARI, Dist-Jajpur. Here our trained yoga teacher teaches students about different exercise on yoga.

FREE Education Centre-

INCITE arranged a morning free education class at Sahaspur village, Dist-Jajpur. Here give free coaching to ME & High school students related to SC/ST, BPL families. Also we provide here coaching on competitive examination, spoken English & computer awareness in minimum fee.

Quiz Programme –

The organization arrange a inter school quiz programme on improvement of memory power at Smbalpur District. Here our organizer arranges all the programme about 39 school’s student participates on this camp. Qualified students awarded with certificates and prize.

Environment Awareness-

Since last few years, the organization has been giving importance to environmental issues. During the year the organization took up intensive awareness programme on environment in Jhalapada GP. This programme was a plantation awareness project. Every people participate in this programme planted trees on road side on this occasion and oath to plant minimum a tree every on their birthday.

Road Safety Programme

Our organization arranges a road safety programme at Sujanpur market on Dt-2nd January 2014. Here our volunteers aware bike riders use helmet, drive 40km/hr etc.

Child labour campaign

Incite arranges a one day campaign against child labour. Our members of governing body visit many hotels, garages in local markets.  Meet owners and said them not to keep child labours

Dowry Awareness Camp

2nd week of February 2014 we target to meet youth persons. Arrange a debt competition. About 21 youth (age in between 27 to 32) attend the camp.


INCITE arranged an exhibition week from 2nd February at Markandapur market field, Dist Jajpur. Here cottage industries product, SHG products are show and sold. Also INCITE magazine, books, products are show and sold here. On this occasion many SHG and unemployed youth are aware to start their own production unit for self employment. Principal Muktadevi Sanskrit College inaugurate the festival

Celebration Day-

Annual Function-

Like every year this year we celebrate our annual day function on 10th February 2014 in our organization campus. We award certificate to all our volunteers and staffs for their good activities & cooperation to organization.

National & International Days-

We celebrate 15th August Independence Day, 26th January Republic day, 2nd October Gandhi Jayanti, 1st may workers day, 11th July world population day, 1st December world’s AIDS day, 10th December Human Right day.

Cultural Programme:

During the year, a cultural programme of different type was organized by the organization. Under the programme 2nos drama organized at Badabagasahi & Rudrapur Village. The programme was grand success.

Financial Words:

We express our thanks and gratitude to all those who helped us, assisted us and cooperated with us in the implementation of our various programmes an activities. We are indebted to the people of our project area for their love, affection and good will for our organization. We are sure; we will continue to get it in future also.

                                                                                 Nihar Ranjan Ojha


Financial Report 

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