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INCITE organize special training on dairy, organic farming, vermin composting etc. Major part of our society depends on agriculture, rest also indirectly depend on it. If we dream a developed society it we develop our agriculture sector and dairy. So we planning to give new look of agriculture and inspire involvement of youth in this sector and accept it with pleasure & heartily. In this training we coverage these topics

  1. Dairy farming – selection of cattle, preparation of perfect shed, selection of food for cattle, disease & other health related things,
  2. Dairy base products – training on various products prepare from milk or milk base product and its storage
  3. Bio-Gas – scope of bio-gas, merits, why it necessary for us, Govt assistance, setup bio- gas plant
  4. Cottage industry – preparation of various products by using dung, urine, cheese, butter, milk. Like tooth powder, Agarbatti, cleaning powder, eczema shop, pain relief oil, bathing soap and many more.
  5. Health related training – various disease cure by using cow urine, butter, milk and also prepare many health related products. like gastric medicine, jaundice, arthritis, eye sight problem etc
  6. Vermin compost – we trained participant’s preparation of vermin compost, use in agriculture, merits, Govt assistance for this.
  7. Wastage management – also trained them on wastage management, preparation of compost using those, recycle or reuse or converts those to various items.
  8. Liquid manure – preparation of liquid manure, hormone and insecticide by the help of cow urine, vermin wastage, dung and natural herbs
  9. Organic farming – what is organic farming and its merit, harm of chemical fertilizer for or health and to our environment. Use of Farm yard manure in agriculture.  Azola & BGA culture
  10. Management – we provide complete training on these subjects with how to manage of this farm, project report preparation, finance assistance from various Govt. sectors, support of other agency or institution, bank linkage, training, marketing, exposure visit.

Training period 7 days and fully residential on norm of training rule of INCITE, training fee approximate Rs 4500/-(with lodging, food etc.) it is full or partial FREE if some donation collected or any one sponsor it.

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