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Swabalamban in our veiw

“Swabalamban”/Self-dependant is a big quality and it holds great practical value. Self-dependant person has trust in his capability, efficiency & self confidence that he can perform greater task.

Self-dependant in our point of view is financial freedom every person and they do their own daily works without depend on other.

We dream of a society where no poverty, no hunger and every person have job. Every person can full fill their primary needs without depend on other. One word we say that every person has not less than of their needs whatever their wants may be.

Our society can develop when we develop our village, agriculture and increase self- employed facility.

Our Steps

Our organization provides self employment training/part time jobs/ home business and cottage industries training with packing, marketing training with exposures visit facility.

  1. We Provide Training to SHG members, club members, interested Ladies & Gents in our centre or arrange other places also.
  2. Marketing such type of products prepared by them in the name “Swadeshi Abhizan”
  3. Our organization provide training related to Agriculture base employment, organic farming, vermin composting, wastage management, self employment using natural resources by their surrounding,
  4. Provide various employment vacancies in private sector/ company to unemployed youth according to their qualification and efficiency.
  5. Provide training “How to success in Business”, improve self- confidence and how to prepare & manage their daily routine û


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