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Swadeshi Abhijan


We dream such a society that self dependant in every field. We do not depend on other for our daily and general needs. It is better to use cottage industry/ local manufacturing products/ handmade product than multinational company items. Our capitals with us, it inspires for small business/ industry and create large no of employment facility.  The main expenditure of multinational products in attractive advertisement, beautiful packing, and celebrity approach and that we have to pay indirectly.   But in local product/ handmade items though this type of expenditure is less or very low so there is possibility to get product in fewer prices, good quantity, and quality.

So our organization decides to market rural and handmade products. For these we provide various training on cottage industry/ handmade products to youth & SHG also. Also we give chance to those have already such type of production unit.


  1. We act a bridge between producer and consumer group. Advertisement, marketing with the help of INCITE members and Agent.
  2. No compromise on quality.
  3. Producer responsible for quality. If there is some defect, damage then return/exchange the item.
  4. Producer print weight, Price, quality, use of product, discount or free on cover.
  5. Producer prepare discusses about advertisement, planning, marketing policy, commission structure as an owner.
  6. Producer makes proper registration of his/her unit and product. Also collect all necessary certificates for it.
  7. All the work start after an agreement with producer/ group with INCITE


List of Swadeshi goods

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